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Transform Your Home into a Lasting Legacy

Partner with Us to Untap the Potential in Your Home


Our Story

We are more than just developers; we are partners in unlocking the hidden potential of your home. With a rich legacy of transforming residential spaces across North America, our team is driven by a passion for creating sustainable, community-centred multiplexes. Our motivation stems from a desire to empower senior homeowners in Vancouver, helping them not only maximize the value of their properties but also enabling them to downsize without leaving the neighborhoods they love. By choosing us, homeowners gain a turnkey solution for real estate development, from securing entitlements and financing to overseeing construction and managing sales. We provide a seamless, stress-free path to not only elevate your asset's worth but also to forge lasting communities, ensuring that the next chapter of your life is as enriching and fulfilling as the last.

How It Works

Community Legacy

Legacy that grows beyond your family tree...

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