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About Us

Crafting Sustainable Homes for Today and Tomorrow

We're dedicated to developing 'Missing Middle' housing, focusing on creating vibrant, sustainable communities in Vancouver. Our mission is to offer homeowners like you an opportunity to transform your properties into spaces that cater to a variety of lifestyles while enriching the community.


We believe in building more than homes; we aim to create communities. Our diverse range of projects, from duplexes to townhouses, are designed with you in mind, ensuring they fit seamlessly into your lifestyle and the fabric of the neighborhood. By choosing us, you're not just updating your property; you're contributing to the vibrancy and sustainability of your community.


When you partner with us, you're choosing a team that values your legacy and the future of your community. Our comprehensive approach ensures a seamless and transparent journey from planning to execution, tailored to meet your unique needs. We're not just developers; we're collaborators, committed to realizing your vision for a sustainable, community-focused living space.


Our deep roots in Vancouver drive us to enhance its urban landscape, creating inclusive, diverse, and vibrant living spaces. Join us in reimagining urban living, where your property becomes a cornerstone of sustainable community development.


Your Partners

Trent and Ryan combine decades of experience in real estate development and finance to guide you through the transformation of your property.

Trent Praski, founder of Urban Edge Developments, is renowned for his ability to turn vision into reality. His projects range from boutique developments to significant urban transformations, all aimed at enhancing community sustainability. Trent's deep understanding of urban living spaces makes him an expert in creating homes that are not just buildings but integral parts of vibrant neighborhoods.

Ryan Tam brings over a decade of real estate development experience, having been involved in over 200 unit developments in Canada and the US. His expertise in real estate is complemented by a strong background in finance, making him adept at understanding and aligning the economic aspects of development with the practical needs of homeowners. Ryan's holistic approach ensures that your property's transformation is not only aesthetically pleasing but also financially viable and beneficial in the long term.

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