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Community Legacy 
Craft a Sustainable Future

In the heart of Vancouver, where urban vibrancy meets the challenge of sustainability, your property can make a profound impact. Craft your legacy by adapting your home into a commitment to affordable, connected, and environmentally responsible living.

Addressing Housing Affordability and Sustainability

  • Combating Housing Shortage: Transforming your property into a multi-unit building directly addresses Vancouver’s housing affordability crisis, providing more homes within the existing urban footprint.

  • Sustainable Living Options: We offer the opportunity to build Passive Houses - homes designed for utmost energy efficiency, minimal ecological footprint, and superior comfort. This approach not only reduces energy costs but also contributes significantly to a more sustainable Vancouver.

Strengthening the Fabric of Our City

  • Connected Neighborhoods: Multi-unit developments foster community interactions, strengthening the social ties of the city.

  • Promoting Sustainable, Walkable Communities: These homes encourage eco-friendly lifestyles, enhancing the city's overall sustainability and livability

Your Legacy: A Beacon of Positive Change

Embracing the R1-1 Residential Inclusive zone in Vancouver, your decision to participate in Community Legacy projects is more than a property upgrade; it’s a step towards solving the city's housing and environmental challenges.

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