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The Team

Who We Are


Trent Praski MBA

Founder & CEO

Urban Edge Investments Inc.

Urban Edge Investments has been involved in real estate since 2001. It's primary focus is on the creation of infill family friendly townhouses, also known as "Missing Middle" housing. As the Managing Director, Trent Praski has taken the lead role in over 15 projects over the past 13 years. Besides townhouse development, these projects included new single family homes, condominium conversions and land redevelopment throughout Western Canada.

Trent completed his Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in 2001 with emphasis on Marketing and International Business. Part of his business training was at the Jonkoping International Business School in Sweden and an international consulting project in Ukraine. Upon completion of the MBA he worked in Management Consulting and became a Senior Associate specializing in Business Systems Analysis. He then worked with Novartis Pharmaceuticals and Johnson & Johnson from 2002 to 2006.


Trent became a licensed realtor in 2012 and has taken several real estate investment and development courses through the University of Calgary, University of British Colombia and Langara College. He is currently licensed as a Real Estate Advisor with Macdonald Realty Ltd. 

Prior to completing his MBA, Trent completed a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education. His teaching experience took him to South Korea where he taught English as a Second Language and New Zealand where he taught grades 4 through 6.

Trent is the Co-Founder of the Wealth Development Network, organizer of Synergy Real Estate Network and is a past member of the Real Estate Investment Network.


Ryan Tam, MM

VP Finance, Bluestone Capital
Director, Westslope Ventures

With a steadfast passion for real estate, Ryan has dedicated over 15 years to the industry, engaging through strategic investments and financing a spectrum of construction and development projects. These range from quaint residential endeavors to expansive commercial ventures. An ardent advocate for sustainable housing and gentle densification, Ryan continually endeavors to facilitate harmonious living spaces within the Greater Vancouver Area.

Ryan's professional journey commenced as a corporate banker at one of the world’s preeminent international banks. Over a decade, he honed his skills in structuring and portfolio management, laying a solid foundation that propelled him into entrepreneurial ventures. He co-founded a specialized aviation firm, guiding it to success before a fruitful exit after two years. His expertise further matured as a Director for a US-based renovation, construction, and property maintenance company, where his financial acumen and operational advisories have played a pivotal role.

Parallel to his professional voyage, Ryan has been an active participant in the real estate investment landscape, contributing to the management and development of multiple projects across Canada and the US. His profound understanding of real estate's financial intricacies, coupled with a personalized approach, enables him to align seamlessly with the unique aspirations of homeowners. Ryan emerges as a reliable and empathetic partner for those seeking to collaborate on development projects, ensuring a synergy that transforms property visions into community-centric realities.


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